If it’s quality plants that you are after, then you’ve come to the right place…


The quality of Oz Watergardens water plants is well recognised and we are the preferred choice for the award winning water garden displays at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden shows. Our plants have been used in the award winning displays from designers such as Jamie Durie and Phillip Johnson.  Our plants have also been used in displays at The Australian Tennis Open, TV shows and on Movie sets.

Oz Watergardens is Australia’s largest producer of Waterlilies and ornamental pond plants. As Australia’s preferred supplier of pond plants to the nursery and landscape industry, we have the range, the knowledge and passion to make your pond the feature that you desire.

Our team of pond service professionals can select, deliver and install new plants.  If you need your existing plants cared for, we can trim, divide and repot them for you.

We can even teach you how...

Darryl Hoogeboom has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Horticulture and has regularly presented shows and demonstrations at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, The Royal Melbourne Show as well as numerous Garden clubs and expos.

The Team at Oz Watergardens have the necessary industry qualifications and the practical experience of producing more than 15,000 Waterlilies per year, plus the thousands of other pond plants.

Years of practical experience combined with academic knowledge means that you can rest assure that we know how to work with pond plants.

Contact us if you are interested, we can teach you how to care for your pond plants.



Need help finding pond plants?

We have a huge selection of plants available.

Check out our plant website at www.ozwatergardens.com.au.

We have over 170 retail garden centres that can source our plants for you.


Want the best looking pond plants all year round?

Some of our pond service clients like to extend the show of flowers by rotating/swapping plants.  For example, most Water Iris only flower for 4-6 weeks.  Why not extend the season?

We have Water Irises, that flower in September, that can then be changed over for other varieties that flower in October – November and then these can be changed over again with ones that flower in December.

If you wish to change the look of your pond to suit the seasons, we can deliver and install plants that will be in flower or are looking the best for that month or season.  We can even swap over plants, bring them back and house them at our nursery, where they will be cared for and returned to you.

Waterlilies flower Spring through to Autumn. Why miss out in Winter.  We can swap over the Waterlilies for Winter flowering plants such as the Water Hawthorn.

For further information about our pond plant maintenance service please contact us.


Need help with fish?

Oz Watergardens wholesale nursery site has over 170 ponds.  We keep goldfish in many of them, just to help the with balance in our ponds.

If you desire native fish or other species, we can source them for you.

We also understand the pond dynamics and can service your pond filtration to help maintain a healthy pond environment.  Ultraviolet sterilisers and biological filtration can work well, but need to be sized correctly in order to guarantee clear water.

If you need help with fish or filtration, please contact us.