Oz Watergardens are Australia’s largest wholesale producer of waterlilies and ornamental pond plants.

We have set the benchmark and are the preferred supplier to the Retail nursery and Landscape industries.   We strive to supply not only the best plants, but also the best information to help people make the best decisions about their ponds.  Oz Watergardens pond maintenance and consultancy serviceprovides support to both commercial and private pond owners.  Whether a small pond or a large lake, we have the expertise to look after you.

Recognised leaders….

Independent research conducted for the Department of Primary Industries of Victoria has found that Oz Watergardens is recognised as the main source of information that people look to for guidance about aquatic plants.

As the leaders, we always look forward and develop new products to support the pond industry.  We have even developed our own unique Pond Plant Zoning System to make plant selection easier.

Award winning….

Oz Watergardens are the preferred supplier to the multi award winning show gardens at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.  We also consult and can provide care and maintenance to your pond plants.

Educating for the future….

Oz Watergardens is currently working with the Nursery industry, Landscape Industry and the Department of Primary Industries to update information on aquatic plants.  Helping people understand how to recognise aquatic weeds and what they should do to help control the risk of potential aquatic weeds.   Our website is a tool to pass on information and we strive to keep the information relevant and up to date.


Oz Watergardens is a proud member of the Nursery and Garden Industry of Victoria.  We also work with other businesses that back their products and that have a proven record in the aquatic plant industry.  Through communicating what we learn, we hope to help others.  By letting people know what is happening or what we are doing, they can get a better feel or understanding about who we are and also how we try to help them.  Our consultancy and pond maintenance services are just another avenue for us to pass on our knowledge and expertise.

The top 7 reasons why the industry rate Oz Watergardens as their number 1 supplier.

1.    Quality and presentation
They receive ‘the best’ stock we have available.  Quality control procedures are in place to ensure all stock being sent out from our nursery is of the highest quality.

2.    Range and variety
We have a vast range of aquatic and pondscape plants available at all times.  They can rely on our team to recommend and select the best products, to suit their customers needs and optimise sales.

3.    Friendly and helpful service
We provide friendly and helpful service at all times.  Our team is available to help.  From answering queries on the phone to delivery of stock.

4.    Prompt Delivery
Prompt service is guaranteed.  We will use all sources available to ensure plant delivery is achieved to their satisfaction.

5.    Systems
Oz Watergardens strives to simplify and systemise the marketing and sales of pond plants.  Our unique modular plant display system, labelling system and point of sale material makes pond plant selection and sales easier.

6.    Ancillary products and services
Besides plants we have Pond Plant Fertiliser Tablets, Aquatic Planting Mix and a fantastic Website which is available to all customers to help with FAQ’s and plant selection. We offer the complete plant service through growing the plants to our pond plant maintenance  and consultancy services.

7.    Education and backup support
We are here to share our growing expertise.

Vision -

Oz Watergardens will continue to set the benchmark as Australia’s most highly regarded waterlily and aquatic plant production nursery, recognised as the most reliable supplier of plants, related products and pond services.

Mission -

Our policies and actions must be consistent with:-

Supporting the needs of people who wish to create aquatic landscapes that provide a tranquil oasis for relaxation or reflection, an environment to attract native species and other wildlife, or a stimulating architectural feature.

From the smallest water bowl to the largest ornamental lake we’ve made it our priority to supply the healthiest and largest range in Australia.

Our friendly, dedicated and enthusiastic team will support our clients, and their customers.  Through superior service and by creating innovative tools and products we will ensure great results every time.

Growth of the business and its people is vitally important.  We will ensure all stock holders, clients, team members and suppliers are properly supported as the business grows.

Our Values -

Integrity, honesty, loyalty and service excellence