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Pond Services

We offer a full selection of pond services including; pond cleaning, pond maintenance, consultancy & advice, planting of lakes & wetlands and much more. Visit our services page for more information or give us call on (03) 9737 9663

Pond Products & Supplies

Our high quality selection of pond products & supplies include; submersible pumps, pond filtration, pond leaf skimmers, ultraviolet clarifying filters, underwater pond lights, water features, fountains and water entertainment, pond liners, prefabricated ponds and artificial rocks, water treatments and pond vacuums. Give us call on (03) 9737 9663

Water Plants & Fish

We offer a wide range of water plants and fish and can advise you on supply and installation, we can also take care of plant maintenance for you including; trim, divide & repot, fertilise and pest control. We offer a large selection of fish and if we don’t stock your favourites, we can source them for you. Give us call on (03) 9737 9663

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Affordable & professional pond cleaning services

If you need a reliable and effective pond cleaning service, Oz Watergardens can help! Pond Cleaning can be a labour intensive, dirty process. Every pond is different and Oz Watergardens' can even develop a customised pond cleaning service to suit. We are your best choice for Pond Cleaning Australia!

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We can arrange to top up the pond, clean the necessary filter equipment, prune and fertilize plants, pull up string algae, remove debris and check the water quality.

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In some cases a full pond clean out may be necessary.

This could include:
• Removing plants, pruning, dividing, re-potting, fertilising, topdressing with pebbles.
• Removing fish and safely keeping them for the duration of the pond cleaning.
• Draining all the pond water.
• Removing excess organic debris, silt and sludge.
• Removing and relaying loose rocks and pebbles.
• Cleaning filter media.
• Cleaning pumps, checking hoses and fittings.
• Cleaning and checking lights and other accessories.
• Repair and replace parts.
• Refilling the pond and treating the water to remove chlorine.
• Adding a pond conditioner to help balance the pH and provide a healthy balance of minerals.
• Adding natural bacteria to provide a healthy microbial balance.
• Acclimatising and returning the fish and plants to the new water conditions.
• Removing prunings and debris.

We are happy to arrange this pond cleaning service for you, and if required can even provide you with some ideas or steps to help you look after your own pond.

We can offer a scheduled pond cleaning service to suit you and your pond needs.

Oz Watergardens are Australia's premier pond cleaning, pond products and pond service providers, contact us today for a professional, effective pond cleaning service!

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